Why Encourage Patients to Buy Your Private Label Supplement Brand? There are a number of reasons. And THIS is the most important one.

Why Encourage Patients to Buy Your Private Label Supplement Brand? There are a number of reasons. And THIS is the most important one.

First of all you have to realize that you are the patients trusted agent.

They have come to you and ask your guidance about how to feel better or to improve their symptoms. Therefore they value your advice and trust your judgement or they wouldn’t be there.

You have a responsibility to encourage your patients to buy your higher quality private label brand for a number of important reasons.

#1 Ensuring They Get Quality Ingredients

The most important is that you have vetted the ingredients and suppliers that were used to create your product. Allowing your patient to purchase a product from a store (even a reputable health food store) is really doing them a dis-service.

Most likely they will try and find the cheapest alternative, which you and I know is a recipe for disaster…in the supplement world, you truly do get what you pay for. Expect patients to accept your experience.

Inform them that you’re going to give them a specific formula, give them what dosage to take and tell them you’ll see them in a couple weeks.

  • Don’t ask them if that’s okay with them. You’re the professional.
  • If they have an issue with it they will bring it up.
  • If they want to discuss their concerns simply point out the differences in a quality brand versus a store brand.

How To Protect Your Patients From Fraud & Counterfeit Supplements

Many times people buy products online not realizing that what’s on the label is not necessarily what’s in the supplement. The bottom of my recommendation sheet automatically prints a statement that says:


  1. Please stay on all recommended formulas until your next visit unless otherwise stated in the instructions above.
  2. Please call the office to order refills if needed before you run out to avoid interruption of your protocol. (We can ship to you if needed).
  3. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE another formula as a refill for those prescribed. Other brands will most likely not contain the same ratio, type or potency of ingredients that we require for results.
  4. The use of other formulas may prevent, decrease and delay the results you are seeking. In addition you run the risk of over or under dosing or taking combinations of substances that are harmful to your health.

Educate Patients With Articles

Aside from putting a notice at the bottom of all your treatment plans, write articles on how your products are different and special and email it to patients, Google “Why You Should Never buy Supplements on Amazon or eBay!”  and read about counterfeit supplements. Let your patients know.

“You get what you pay for.” 

~ Unknown

What your patients don’t know is that what they get on the Internet may not be what they think they’re buying. Discuss the quality control measures that are taken by our company to make sure that the products are what they say they are!

Even do comparisons of other products commercially available to show the difference in potency.

Tell patients that this is what you recommend and you cannot vouch for other companies’ products.

Develop your own private label brand so that they know that you are endorsing that brand.

To safeguard the integrity of their treatment you cannot endorse or recommend any other brand.  As their physician you can not vouch for their safety or potency or results of any other brand. Obviously if they are taking supplements that have helped, be supportive and keep them on those.

As a physician you trust the reputation of the company that you use because you have years of experience in their effectiveness and safety in their practices.

No Minimum Order Private Label Supplement Standard Design Specs

Why Use A Private Brand Label?

  • Protected Brand: No internet or store competition.
  • Direct Fulfillment with up to 50% reimbursement (average 42%).   
  • Same or next day shipping.  We do two shipments a day. 

Private Label Services.  Builds Your Brand

  • One bottle minimum for private label.
  • Same or next day shipping.  (We do two shipments a day)
  • Direct fulfillment from your website  or our Nutritional scripts platform as well as fulfill faxed, emailed or phone orders
Standard Private Label Supplement Layout & Design Specs

Supplement Sales in U.S. Has Reached $55.7 Billion

Create Your Own Private Label Brand To Meet The Increase In Consumer Awareness Driving Supplement Sales Growth

Many American’s choose to lead a holistic lifestyle.

This has gone on to trigger a consumer awareness of preventive healthcare.

By creating your own exclusive brand of natural supplements and medicines with our private label program you will contribute to the success of your practice.

When you offer an exclusive brand, you save money and make more per product than by offering national brands.

Healthy life creative concept - multi vitamins in capsuleDeciding what types of supplements you want to sell.

Half of all Americans take vitamins. A good product to sell is our High Potency Vitamins. The formula is unique and more comprehensive that any multi we have seen. Contains Coenzyme Bs, Methyl Folate, Mixed Tocopherols & Carotenoids, Whole Foods, Lots of K and Biotin.

It contains methyl folate, coenzyme (active) B complex with extra B5 for adrenal support, Plenty of Vitamin K and D for bone health, lots of biotin for stress and mental function, mixed carotenoids and mixed tocopherols, a whole food mixture and other nutrients at therapeutic doses.

In addition, it contains the ratios and amount of vitamins needed for excellent stress tolerance and hormone balancing.

This formula is the equivalent of taking a multi-vitamin, a coenzyme B vitamins, extra Vitamin D and K and extra Biotin.

We recommend that you give 1 capsule at breakfast and 1 with lunch for optimum effects and that you use this formula with our minerals (energy and stamina) formula which is designed to work synergistically with it.

One of the many reasons we make our minerals separate from our vitamins is that it makes it easier to take if on antibiotics.

The other reason is that vitamins tend to be stimulating and minerals calming. For these two reasons, we suggest taking your vitamins in the morning and your minerals at lunch and dinner (or at lunch if taking antibiotics with dinner).

This formula, along with our Minerals should be the basic starting products for any protocol.