About Us

Dr. Michael Gazsi

Professional Nutritionals Supplements Company Was Founded & Run By Dr. Michael Gazsi, ND & Family

Dr Michael Gazsi, ND and his wife Christina started Professional Nutritionals, LLC in 1999 with a focus on finding better solutions for their patients. Together with their adult children they expanded to over 100 products and built a network of advisors including several naturopathic doctors and expert advisors in current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), product production, encapsulation, raw material sourcing, labeling, formulation, nutritional science and R&D.

We are passionate about helping individuals achieve their best possible health.

Like you, we want results because we use these formulas for our families as well as our patients. As a family-owned company, we create innovative dietary supplements in answer to individual feedback from our healthcare practitioners and patients.

Our natural supplement products are formulated by a team of Naturopathic doctors.

Our Naturopathic doctor consultants are all in full time practices and have a combined 48 years of practice experience seeing tens of  thousands of patients. Each product relies not only on research but also on real life clinical evidence in real practices. Many of our formulas come from our practitioners request for an improved version of a specific product that they have found works for their patients.

Supplement Manufacturing is done using one of several State Inspected cGMP Labs here in the United States.

Each raw material and each product goes through extensive testing. Of utmost importance to us are quality ingredients, efficacious doses, comprehensive testing, quality control and company integrity.

We use state-of-the-art ingredients such as: 

Professional Nutritionals, LLC is provided solely through healthcare professionals.

Please consult your healthcare professional in regards to which supplements might be best for you. Our mission is to provide superior quality products and service at competitive prices.